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The Lies Hotline

Do you want to be late to work?
Need an alibi for your significant other?
Want to break a date and not look like a flake?

We can provide you with the lie
Or become part of your alibi to Authenticate your situation!


The Cuss Out Line

Have you ever wanted to have someone cussed out ANONYMOUSLY?

For instance:  your Boss, co-worker, Landlord, Ex...WHOEVER DID YOU WRONG!  Have said everything you wanted to blurt out in the heat of an argument but could not!  We will say it for you.  Tell us their dirty laundry and we will have the pleasure of saying what is on your mind. 

No names!!!
Totally untraceable to you by the person getting cussed out!!


Revenge Flyers

Is your ex a liar and a cheat?
Have a gripe over unpaid child support?
Did someone steal your girlfriend or boyfriend away?

Embarrass them publicly!
We can provide or even post flyers for your convenience!

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Weekend Sunrise" Channel 7 Australia's #1 morning show!

Weekend Sunrise" Channel 7 Australia's #1 morning show!

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